Technoturn’s latest acquisition increases productivity by 50% with lights out running

Date: 05 Feb 19

The introduction of lights out running on Technoturn's new Matsuura 5-Axis 10 pallet Milling Machine has increased productivty by 50%. The machine is equipped with Renishaw spindle probing that enables us to check if there is a part loaded in each position. If there is not a part loaded or misloaded the machine will skip machining in that position and move onto the next. It also enables us to create individual workplane offsets for each part for maximum accuracy and reducing scrap.

Technoturn’s Charles Smith &  Dariush Alizadeh-Ghannad worked collaboratively to tool up and program the Matsuura.

Solidworks CAD  was used to produce 3D models of each stage of machining and to design the fixturing / tombstones that hold 10 parts each which were manufactured both in-house and by Microloc.

Edgecam was used to program the parts. This software enabled us to simulate the machining process and check for collisions and to achieve complex toolpaths that are not easily produced when programming by hand.

Mat1-technogroup      mat2-technogroup-cad-design