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It’s all about the detail

As a company that prides itself on our experience with precision engineering and assembly, Techno Group ensures that the detail of our manufacturing is second to none. Without such values, our strapline of ‘Precision Engineered Solutions since 1978’ would have no meaning.

Our worldwide reputation of excellence is something we continuously aim to maintain and, where possible, improve on. These capabilities help us to provide our services to a myriad of industries, including medical, marine, engineering and much more.

With our team of experts, some of whom have been in the industry for more than 40 years, we are certain that our manufacturing techniques will yield high precision results that will delight our customers.

Quality control

Quality assurance is one of the most important facets of any business. Maintaining our high standards and ensuring there are no mistakes allows us to fly our AS9100 standards with pride.

Our comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) is the backbone to our processes that links all aspects of our businesses operations and is regularly monitored by BSI as an independent auditor. With this system, we can meet and exceed our customers’ quality expectations, as well as meet the requirement of our group’s approvals. Aided by our QMS, both Technoset and Technoturn have achieved the AS9100D aerospace quality accreditation and BS EN ISO 9001.

Being a make-to-print business, Techno Group manufactures components to our customers requested specifications. In the rare case that we find an error has been made, we go back through the process very diligently to find the root cause of the issue. Focusing on this process is what helps us to avoid such mistakes in the future, keeping our costs down and reputation high.

Lee Graham, Quality Manager said: “All of these tools will certainly allow us to work with high precision, as we continuously find ways in which we can improve our service. With many customers coming to us for intricate inspection, this equipment will make those requests and requirements much easier to deliver.”

TechnoGroup quality
Techno Group quality control

With the latest technology and logistical control systems, our dedicated quality technicians are fully prepared to ensure that quality is consistent across the board. Our measurement equipment can go to incredible lengths of detail, capable of measuring to microns, but Techno Group is constantly looking at the latest advanced measurement technology to provide more accurate and repeatable data.

To add to our consistent levels of high-quality output, we have recently spent over £10,000 on a new inspection kit. This includes:

  • Starrett HE400 optical projector with Mx200 output– a new horizontal shadowgraph with lamphouse mounted helix adjustment – this will help us to measure threads with increased accuracy
  • Mantis Elite microscope – a brand-new piece of kit, which is a user-friendly inspection tool that can achieve 15x magnification if required

Alongside the equipment, we utilise a gauge calibration management system within our MRP software, ensuring all measuring capabilities are performing within expectation.

Without quality assurance, Techno Group would not be as highly regarded in the industry as we are. High precision and high standards have paved the way for us to be the market leader, and we vow to maintain our reputation for many years to come.

Continuous improvement

We constantly invest time and money into a culture of continuous improvement, giving not only ourselves, but our customers high confidence in our operations. Investing in our wonderful and hardworking Techno Group team helps them to flourish and enjoy their job, and when they love what they do, our customers love what we do. This, along with annual investments in our machinery and technology, helps us to stay on top of our game. Using our manufacturing data helps us to drive improvements across the business, from machine strategies to metal cutting maintenance and beyond.

We welcome new and existing customers so that we can work on their design concepts, whether it is for a prototype, or projects that are one-off or niche, where strict attention to detail is a high priority. Communication at the beginning of the process is key, which is where we establish the expectations of the customer. From thereon, we will tailor our services for the needs of the client, maintaining our high levels of precision throughout.

We are passionate about engineering and the future of the industry. Training the next generation of engineers is how we will keep the Techno Group culture instilled in people for many years, ensuring that we continue to set the standard for the future. As we have been since 1978, we are always thinking ahead for the long term, and our reputation for quality and precision will not falter as Techno Group grows.

Our passion drives our innovation. There is no substitute for high quality across the board, and this is what Techno Group does best.

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