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Product spotlight A455 shroud

The A455 shroud is a critical cockpit lighting component for aircraft platforms that it is used on, demonstrating Techno Group’s capacity to collaborate with multiple production partners to offer our customers a complete solution. It has remained a regular runner over the last decade on the fleet of Miyano BNJ-42 twin spindle fixed head CNC machines, which form the backbone of our Hastings facility’s fixed head department.

The 6082-T6 aluminium that provides the base material for this component offers excellent corrosion resistance and is considered the best material for anodised finishes. As with all material procured by Techno Group, the 6082-T6 is fully traceable to the mill and 3.1 mill certificates can be provided as evidence with every delivery.

Following the machining operation, the shrouds are sent to our production partner London and Brighton Plating Co. to be sulphuric anodised to Defence Standard 03-25, and are also dyed black, giving them enhanced corrosion resistance as well as an aesthetically pleasing finish. To finish, 356/Q55 yellow etch prime paint is applied along with screen printing of the product serial code, which is vital for batch traceability in the field.

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