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Product spotlight D678 instrument shaft

One of the many parts that Techno Group manufactures for the defence industry, this instrument shaft is supplied to one of the world’s leading aerospace companies for use in aircraft. It is a great example of how at Techno Group we are able to draw on our vast manufacturing experience to coordinate internal and subcontract operations in order to offer our customers who require job specific manufacturing solutions.

Starting life at our Hastings facility, Technoturn, this high precision component is machined on one of our flagship Miyano ABX-51 triple turret CNC lathes from aerospace grade stainless steel before being vapour degreased, grit blasted and sent to one of our many production partners for finishing. Cotton gloves are a must when handling these components, and is an example of the ultimate care that is taken at all stages of production, ensuring the product remains free from contaminants and quality is not compromised.

The components are finally coated in Xylan 1010, which is one of the most versatile and dependable industrial fluoropolymer coating in the world. It is ideal for corrosive and high heat environments up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

The final operation is a full dimensional and visual inspection ensuring full product conformity, including a smooth and blemish free surface which is free of any contaminants before being exported to Europe.

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