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Product spotlight GCA14 fibre-optic connector

Techno Group’s uncompromising approach to quality makes them the perfect partner to the opto-electronics industry, where precision is everything. The GCA14-02-002 FC receptacle is a fibre-optic connector manufactured from nickel silver CW402J, and is designed for use in environments with high vibration. Any misalignment between mated fibres significantly decreases the polarisation extinction ratio of the connection, so it is critical that tolerances as tight as 0.005mm are maintained throughout production.

The Star SR20RIV Sliding Head Lathe is Techno Group’s machine of choice for this application as its powerful sub-spindle and independent 8 station platen offers both increased machining efficiency and consistency.

Following the machining operation, each component is cleaned in our automatic cleaning machines, which utilises ultrasonic frequencies ensuring that all contaminants, such as cutting fluids, are removed from the parts.

To guarantee complete conformity and a flawless appearance, each part is 100% inspected prior to being despatched to the customer.

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