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Staff profile – John Oldershaw

I have worked for Technoset in Rugby for 40 years.

My role is sales and estimating, which involves interaction with the customer at all stages of raising the quotation. It could be queries around the drawing, material and treatment processes at the start of the process to cost of materials and delivery discussions at the end of the process, leading to follow up conversations on as to how the quote was received.

My typical day involves a lot of work locating the correct size/specification of material, and treatment processes required to produce the components we are quoting, preparing the quotation and emailing the finished quote to the customer. Every now and then, I spend time in our 2nd operations department setting our manual lathes, producing jigs etc.

John Oldershaw - Technoset
John Oldershaw - Technoset

I started at Technoset in 1981, where I began in the 2nd operations department. After a while, I went onto a section of sliding head CAM automatics as an apprentice. It was there I learned all aspects of operating and setting the CAM automatic lathe; I was taught how to grind and make cutting tools, drill grinding and CAM making.

When we moved into CNC machines at the end of the 80s, I progressed onto them and was taught to program and set this type of machine. During the years I have been with Technoset, I have been in pretty much every department, picking up valuable skills along the way.

The thing about engineering that excites me is the way that technology is advancing at such a pace, the way that various technologies are now being combined in one manufacturing machine cell, robots, lasers, milling and turning all in one machine.

My interests outside of work include pool, which I have played for 25 years. I enjoy live music and going away in my teardrop caravan. My three grandchildren take pride of place in my life, and I spend a lot of time with them.

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