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Taking Techno Group forward with new faces, a new website… and more!

When it comes to solving problems through our manufacturing solutions, whether high precision machined components, end-to-end machining or complex manufacturing, Techno Group strives to provide the strongest service and products. And now, with new additions to our team and a fresh look to our branding and website, we are well positioned to continue leading our industry in innovation and quality service.

Helping to improve your supply chain and propel the group into the next era, we have restructured our management team and brought in some fresh faces. Jonathan Hawkins is the new Technoturn Operations Director, while Adam Land takes on the role of Operations Director, and Dan Wahnon is Techno Group’s new Business Development Manager. We are excited to see where their management takes us in the future!

New faces, same promise

Just like our team members always have been, new additions to the Techno Group family will always display best practices throughout their time with us. This begins with something as simple as effective communication, to working well as part of a team, and, especially important in recent times, health and safety.

Each of our team members, new and old, quickly discover the value that Techno Group puts on quality control. Each part produced in our factories must be given the same degree of care and attention, as we rely on providing our customers with the very best components for their projects. It is this attention to detail that allows us to form the strongest of bonds with our customers, and these bonds evolve as our reputation grows across multiple industries. Otherwise, how else can we truly call ourselves a leading manufacturer of high precision machined components?

Jonathan Hawkings
Jonathan Hawkins
Operations Director
St Leonards Division
Adam Land
Adam Land
Operations Director
Rugby Division
Dan Wahnon
Dan Wahnon
Group Business Development Manager

Brand new

As we invest in our new look team, the time is right to update our corporate brand and website. A strong brand needs to be instantly recognisable and convey the qualities we want the group to represent. Despite the previous branding being a big part of our identity and history, it was time to move forward with intent into a new era – we won’t sit still.

The website is redesigned and developed with the user in mind. Navigation is a breeze and getting to informative content is much more sophisticated, with pages better connected than ever before. We want prospects and customers alike to take value away anytime they land on the website.

A website can say a lot about the way a business operates and what it prioritises, and this was a perfect opportunity to present the fact that we are a strong and reliable manufacturer providing complex and precision-based solutions. This is backed up by our new corporate video, which goes a long way in presenting the business’ values and operations, told straight from our leaders’ points of view.

These new changes give us a fresh start and bring both the Technoset and Technoturn teams together stronger than ever before, as we continue to collaborate. Our commitment to leading from the front also incorporates our passion for skills development, technology, process stability, staff wellbeing and the environment. Techno Group’s commitment to improvement in all these areas is the foundation to our success and our long heritage.

Kevan Kane

“We are very proud of our rich history, and we want to keep building on it. I believe that our recent rebrand and new team are the key to us unlocking the next stage in our future. The corporate video gives an excellent insight into the way we operate, and really conveys how passionate we are about what we do. We are very excited for the future of Techno Group, and there is much more from us to come.”

Kevan Kane
Managing Director

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