The team at Techno Group is highly experienced in precision engineering as well as the manufacture and assembly of parts for industries such as civil and defence aerospace, opto-electronics, marine, sensors, telecommunications, motorsport and medical products. 

At both our Technoturn and Technoset manufacturing sites we have the specialist knowledge to help customers with their research and development projects; advising and developing concepts into full-scale manufacturing products and assemblies. Whilst our case studies give a flavour of our capabilities, there is much more covered under NDAs that we are unable to share publicly! So whatever your precision engineering needs, our experts are on hand to help you.

Developing the skills of our people is important to us so our team receive in-depth training on all the milling, turning and multi-access machines. We offer apprenticeships to local people and many of the apprentices we support are taken on in permanent roles when their training is completed.