Technoturn Limited and Technoset Limited  
holders of ISO9001 and AS9100 certification.

Techno Group Ltd specialises in precision machined components and assemblies for high tech sectors, including Aerospace, Defence, Medical, Telecommunications, Sensors, Motorsport, Lasers and Quality Commercial Components. 
Established in 1978, Techno Group has grown through excellence to become a leading supplier of precision engineering. Our two strategically-located manufacturing sites – Technoturn in St. Leonards and Technoset near Rugby – are designed to maximise quality and production performance. We have a large fleet of state of the art Multi Axis turning and Prismatic Machining Centres equipped to achieve  One-hit manufacturing.
Techno Group’s in-house capabilities mean we supply flexible, high precision machining services to companies across the UK and beyond. By providing total manufacturing solutions, we have become the one-stop partner for many of our customers. 
Why Choose Techno Group?
  • Quality is in-built. Both our production facilities are AS9100 Rev D Accredited.
  • One Hit” machining is completed on our fleet of multi-axis machines.
  • Flexibility and reliability; from the simplest part to the most complex, multi-part assembly with exacting tolerances. 
  • Research and development consultation expertise.
  • The management of stock and delivery requirements
  • Continuous Improvement initiatives and investment 
  • Contract management and reviews are handled by our dedicated team
 How We Add Value
  • We have real proximity to our customers' thanks to our two production sites, Technoturn and Technoset
  • We are a worldwide global supplier
  • The wide engineering skill set throughout Techno Group delivers quality, continuous improvement, and customer support
  • We always strive to exceed our customers delivery, stocking and quality expectations.