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With decades of experience in precision engineering and assembly, achieving and maintaining AS9100 Rev D quality standards, Techno Group drives supply chain efficiency, component consistency and reliability through one-hit manufacturing from our fleet of multi-axis machines.

We have a worldwide reputation of excellence that we constantly strive to maintain and improve on. With over 65 people based across our strategically-located manufacturing sites in St Leonards (Technoturn) and Rugby (Technoset), Techno Group is ready to help you with your precision manufacturing needs.

The benefits of partnering with Techno Group

Working closely with our customers allows us to build a trust and rapport that is sometimes hard to find these days. Understanding their requirements is important from the offset, and this is the beginning of adding value to the process.

Our reputation and performance has helped us become a one-stop partner for a great number of our customers. This begins with supporting engineering teams in design developments, all the way through to rounding off the finer details at the end of the process. Our ability to adapt to various requests and situations is aided by our strong customer relationships and service.

Techno Group’s commitment to improvement in all aspects of the business is the foundation to our success and our extensive history, and keeps us grounded and ambitious.

Latest stories

Product spotlight – A455 shroud


Product spotlight A455 shroud

The A455 shroud is a critical cockpit lighting component for the military aircraft platforms that it is used on, demonstrating Techno Group’s capacity to collaborate with multiple production partners to offer our customers a complete solution. It has remained a regular runner over the last decade on the fleet of Miyano BNJ-42 twin spindle fixed head CNC machines, which form the backbone of our Hastings facility’s fixed head department.

The 6082-T6 aluminium that provides the base material for this component offers excellent corrosion resistance and is considered the best material for anodised finishes.

Product spotlight – D678 instrument shaft


Product spotlight D678 instrument shaft

One of the many parts that Techno Group manufactures for the defence industry, this instrument shaft is supplied to one of the world’s leading aerospace companies for use in the infamous Eurofighter Typhoon swing-role combat aircraft. It is a great example of how at Techno Group we are able to draw on our vast manufacturing experience to coordinate internal and subcontract operations in order to offer our customers who require job specific manufacturing solutions.

It’s all about the detail

As a company that prides itself on our experience with precision engineering and assembly, Techno Group ensures that the detail of our manufacturing is second to none.

Techno Group features on Locate East Sussex

Techno Group has recently featured in a web article on Locate East Sussex, an organisation committed to promoting businesses in the area of East Sussex.

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