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Techno Group and the Iron Triangle

In Techno Group’s latest blog, Dan Wahnon explores The Iron Triangle, which has been a cornerstone of project management since the 1950s.


Product spotlight – D337

Manufactured from L168 aerospace grade high strength aluminium, Techno Group produces the D337-3300-039 caption frame.


Product spotlight – C563 trigger

Techno Group manufactures the C563-11-1041 trigger, utilised in fighter aircraft.


Techno Group’s MTDCNC feature

Mark Deadman from MTDCNC recently visited our Rugby site to speak to Operations Director Adam Land about the company’s investments in equipment that has helped push Techno Group forward.


Product spotlight – GCA14 Fibre-optic connector

Techno Group’s uncompromising approach to quality makes them the perfect partner to the opto-electronics industry, where precision is everything.


Product spotlight – D813 front bezel

Techno Group manufactures the D813-83-047 for the civil aerospace industry, where it is used for interior lighting as a front bezel.


Product spotlight – A455 shroud

The A455 shroud is a critical cockpit lighting component for the military aircraft platforms that it is used on, demonstrating Techno Group’s capacity


Product spotlight – D678 instrument shaft

One of the many parts that Techno Group manufactures for the defence industry, this instrument shaft is supplied to one of the world’s leading aerospace companies


It’s all about the detail

As a company that prides itself on our experience with precision engineering and assembly, Techno Group ensures that the detail of our manufacturing is second to none.


Techno Group features on Locate East Sussex

Techno Group has recently featured in a web article on Locate East Sussex, an organisation committed to promoting businesses in the area of East Sussex.


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